Friday, January 25, 2019

Nightmares (cont)

[Verse 1]
[?] disorder
I cup my hands, I drink the water
News was like the drugs were real
The dream was gone, not it's appeal

[Verse 2]
The picture does appear
But something in it took fear
Couldn't come up with it
Support it

[Verse 3]
And if there was a land there
Could give us [?]
We rip and sit around without them
She did everything for you
And everyone I know
They have the means to store
Couldn't come up with it
This time so certain [?]

The Nightmare...

You know those nights,
when you're sleeping, and it's totally dark,
and absolutely silent, and you don't dream,
and there's only blackness,
and this is the reason,
it's because on those nights you've gone away.
On those nights you're in someone else's dream,
you're busy in someone else's dream.
Some things are just pictures,
they're scenes before your eyes.
Don't look now!

I'm right behind you.