Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sapophian Muses

...and other risk free but entertaining perversions

"Just don't get caught!"

...said the Candyman looking to harvest low fruit.
"What? You search? You would multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You seek followers? Seek zeros!"
-- Nietzsche

What, you seek "higher fruit"?
My tale, Socrates, is one of your sort, for love was the theme which occupied us – love after a fashion: Lysias has been writing about a fair youth who was being tempted, but not by a lover; and this was the point: he ingeniously proved that the non-lover should be accepted rather than the lover.
--Plato, "Phaedrus"

Then one needs to learn how to harness their own horses as Pythodoras did and then fit them with new bits and bridles. Else they'll NEVER be heard by Antiphon and thereby reach Cephalus. ;)

Vendetta... farfala vendetta! ;)

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