Friday, December 23, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

La Pluie / "The Rain"

The sky is grey, the rain invites itself
As if by surprise.
It is at our place and like a ritual
That bogs us down

The umbrellas open in step
Like a dance.
The drops fall in abundance
On gentle France

The rain is falling, falling, falling
On this (day of) Sunday in December.
In the shelter (lit: shade) of umbrellas
The passers-by hurry, hurry without waiting

We like it, sometimes it raises its voice
It pushes us around.
It gives no more of its news
In a heat wave

Then it comes back like a need
Out of affection
And it sings its grand song to us:
The flood

{Chorus} x 2

And it falls, and it falls, and it falls, it falls
It is hot
And it falls, and it falls, and it falls

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