Monday, April 29, 2013

Aphanisis - Rendering the Fading Subject "Thinkable"

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Noli me Loquitur

Speak not of my beauty,
behind my mask you've never seen

Speak not of my loving heart,
behind it's beats you've never been

Speak not of my truthful mind,
you know not of the darkest lies

Speak not of my emerald eyes
you've never seen their deepest cries...

A life w/o desire is like a body w/o organs.

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Thersites said...

Note to self...

The father qua Thing is what is originally prohibited, i.e., the part of himself that the subject must renounce in order to become "himself," to attain his symbolic identity. Since the symbolic universe is, on the other hand, "held together" by the Name-of-the-Father qua the agency of prohibition, the agent of symbolic prohibition is precisely the object that was originally prohibited. -Zizek, "The Parallax View"