Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NG in Venice - Sampling Some Surplus Jouissance...

In capitalist society health is the capability to earn, among the Greeks it was the capability to enjoy, and in the Middle Ages the capability to believe.
- Ernst Bloch, "The principle of hope"
Health is a wavering notion, if not directly in medical terms, then in social terms. Health is by no means solely a medical notion, but predominantly a societal one. Restoring to health again means in reality bringing the sick man to that kind of health which is respectively acknowledged in each respective society, and which was in fact first formed in that society itself.
- Ernst Bloch, "The principle of hope"
Metopia: 1) Refers to elite social groups and their surroundings, specifically the wealthiest urban communities that are isolated from poverty and the lower-middle income class.

2) May be used to describe the frame of mind of individuals that think that as long as they are doing well financially, the rest of the world is doing well.
- Urban Dictionary

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