Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bell Ringers

We live with death we live with fear
With Satan’s droves of hell
But who would rid them whilst they’re here?
Who lives to ring the bell?

The bell to sound the world alarm
To ring both night and day
To warn the world of Satan’s charm
And save who’ve gone astray

There is a few The Truth Have seen
A few who’ve seen The Light
A few with love who intervene
Who’ll stand and win the fight

They live and love The Truth to tell
Their Light is here to stay
And so they ring the freedom bell
Along Salvation’s way

The way to rest The Way to peace
The Way to joy and love
The way where life will never cease
When reaching God above

But who can hear The Truth they speak?
Who’ll search for Light to see?
Who’s prepared The Cure to seek?
And be completely free

Throughout the world though countless ring
Each bell yet sounds the same
In unison we hear them sing
The song of just one name

The name of Jesus Christ The Lord
Of righteous power divine
So who’ll ring next, who’ll take Life’s sword?
And say The Truth is mine!
Michael P. Johnson, "The Bell Ringers"

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