Friday, May 1, 2015

On King Tammany

Weminitis tamenend sakimanep nekohatami
Eluwiwulit matemenend wemi linapi nitis payat
Wtenk wulitma maskansisil sakimanep w'tamaganat.

All being friendly, the Affable was chief, the first of that name.
He was very good, this Affable, and came as a friend to all the Lenape.
After this good one, Strong-Buffalo was chief and pipe-bearer.


Lappi tamenend sakimanepit wemi langundit.
Wemi nitis wemi takwicken sakima kichwon.

Again an Affable was chief, and made peace with all,
All were friends, all were united under this great chief.
Kwanio Che Keeteru!

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