Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bacon and Photography


Jen said...

Francis Bacon is one of those artists that I always pause and feel gripped by, but don't want to dwell too long with. I guess it depends a lot on my mood at the moment.

I do like how he manipulated the photos, though. Funny to hear the narrator say that photos are "odd things", during a documentary about Bacon. :-)

Thersites said...

I'm not a huge Bacon fan, but I do find it interesting to learn his sources of inspiration. And yes, the "odd thing" was more likely Bacon himself, than any photos that he had lying around.

My dad used to get a lot of his ideas for painting out of magazines like National Geographic.

Jen said...

It is interesting to find out where artists get their inspiration. I picked up a little book called Steal Like an Artist, and it's great.

Oh! National Geographic! That would be a great resource. We have a bunch in the garage in rubbermaid containers. :p (Why do we keep things like that?)

Joe Conservative said...

Why do we keep things like that?

When the world ends, we want something to remind us of what it was like... (ala "Waterworld") ;)