Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Disappointing Left

The Leftist viscious cycle:

Chaotic Rage (locale for 'Divine violence')--> Rebellion--> New Power (Organizing a New Society)--> Chaotic Rage (after the failed emancipatory project)

The Left currently supports social democracy only to prove the fact that it doesn't work vs abstract waiting for the revolution.

The problems of the commons:

1) The "capitalization" of the commons of culture (Microsoft)

Regression from profit to rent (rent is the tragedy)

Intellectual Property is the death-knoll of capitalism

2) The capitalization of the commons of ecology (global warming - replace brown w/green energy), the capitalization of "internal Nature" (biogenetic engineering) (sustainability)

3) The commons of humanity itself - Walls and Apartheids/ geo-political borders (included vs excluded ie- refugees) Antagonisms of capitalism: (commodities circulate but people can't)(ethics)

Zizek's grand idea: left needs to join Immigrant rights struggle with women/ minority struggles... insist upon this and the social struggle will sort it's way out from these apparently modest specific central inflexible demands. Let the truth materialize out of illusion.

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