Saturday, May 6, 2017

No One Knows

why am i the last to hear?
why am i the last to see?
everyone knows more then me
and its me they know about
why do they talk then lie?
i dont even know them
it hurts to know they use me for intertainment [sic]
im just something to look at
why cant they just let me be me?
thats all i want i mean who know life was this hard?
if i had i would have ended it a long time ago
- anna sprague, "Who Know?"


Jersey McJones said...

Huh. I never heard of them. Did some reading. They've certainly been around a while! They really capture the "Goth" thing with that song. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!


-FJ said...

Funny that not everything "descent" takes off.