Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Other" Worldly Emergent Daseins...

When I close my eyes and fall asleep
That is when I dream
Entering an entirely different world
Where there are different souls
Having a great time playing with them
The fun never seems to end
There's no limit to the time up their
It's very clear and everybody cares
The adventure and the view is to die for
It's like being a little timetraveller, in the sky you know
The people are friendly and there's no violence
Their lives are so hectic that that they go about in silence
Another world a place that's perfect
Boundless, breathtaking, Celestial
And when you wake up, you back in reality
In a place where there are crimes and mortality
But Hopefully this will change
And everything just like it was in my dream be perfect and great.
Lee John Siebritz, "Another World"

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