Saturday, June 21, 2014

Used and/ or Abused?

...what differentiates hysteria from psychosis is their different relation to the “enjoyment of the Other” (not the subject's enjoyment of the Other, but the Other who enjoys [in] the subject): a hysteric finds it unbearable to be the object of the Other's enjoyment, she finds herself “used” or “exploited,” while a psychotic willfully immerses himself in it and wallows in it. (A pervert is a special case: he posits himself not as the object of the Other's enjoyment, but as the instrument of the Other's enjoyment—he serves the Other's enjoyment.)
-Slavoj Zizek, "Less than Nothing"

I saw Nina Raine's "Tribes" at the Everyman Theatre in Baltimore last night. Ever wonder what language means to the deaf? The born deaf? The going deaf?

Wonder no longer.

We don't always get to chose our own, or the "other's" tribe. But hopefully, we can chose to understand them, and how both they and us come to "meaning".

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