Monday, April 4, 2011

Grabbing Hold of Kairos

from Wikipedia:
Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (the supreme moment). The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. While the former refers to chronological or sequential time, the latter signifies a time in between, a moment of undetermined period of time in which something special happens. What the special something is depends on who is using the word. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative nature.

In rhetoric kairos is "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved."

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FreeThinke said...

Thank you again for helping expand an already overloaded vocabulary. Always interesting these tidbits to which you give access.

HOWEVER, there are some things it is no strictly necessary to taste in order to understand wha their effec might be on you.

In the immortal words of Bitch Cassidy, late of FPM:

"Yew don't need to each a pound of shit to know it don't taste good and ain't gonna be good fer yer digestion, hunny!"

Not to make light of the essential wisdom of your post, but Ol Bitch really does have a point there -- or don't you agree?