Saturday, April 30, 2011

Embossing Seals

“But I am not yet able to please all the citizens.” - Theognis of Megara (24)
“ Kyrnos, let a seal [sphrēgis] be placed by me, as I practice my poetic skill [sophiē], upon these utterances [epos plural]; that way they [i.e., the utterances] will never be stolen without detection, and no one will substitute something inferior for the genuine thing that is there. And everyone will say: "These are the utterances [epos plural] of Theognis of Megara. His name is known among all men." ”
- Theognis of Megara (19–23)


nicrap said...

...and they (Barthes et al) would have you believe that the author is a modern figure and better dead. Good find, FJ.

-FJ said...

Kawanio che keekeru, nicrap!

We travel in circles. There are at times pervading aspects of nihilism that require exorcism if a rebirth is to occur and the circle is to turn over on itself.

nicrap said...