Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Introvert No More...?

Give me back my shell,
My hole of comfort and understanding.
Where I face not the hard and weary world,
Give me time to myself,
A me time that only I can comprehend.
I wanna rip the cord of constant connection and just let the thoughts and soul settle like the bottom of the ocean.
I wanna just relax and be able to be myself,
Without another,
And nobody seems to get that very well
At least not anyone I know,
So if anybody were to love me they need to understand this,
I'm a half introvert,
And that half needs some time to recover at times
Lover of Words, "Introvert" (Aug 16, 2013)


Jen Brimmage said...

Great poem.
I can totally relate.

Thersites said...

Me, too! :)